Roster of Grand Masters of Masons, R.L. A.L. 5867 - 6013

+Thomas H. Amos                           

+Joseph J. Roberts                          

+Beverly L. Yates                           

+Charles B. Dunbar, Sr.                   

+Reginald A. Sherman, Sr.               

+William M. Davies                      

+Charles T. O. King                          

+Alfred Benedict King                    

+Hilary W. Travis                             

+William David Coleman                   

+A. Benjamin Stubblefield     (First Masonic Temple erected on corner of Broad & Lynch Streets during his Grand Mastership)


+Charles B. Dunbar, Jr.                   

+Charles D. B. King                        

+Nathaniel H. B. Cassell

+William Oliver Davies-Bright          

+Joseph Samuel Dennis                   

+John C. A. Gibson, Sr.                   

+Joseph Fulton Dunbar, Sr.

+Anthony Barclay                            

+Louis Arthur Grimes                       

+Clarence Lorenzo Simpson, Sr.      

+William V. S. Tubman, Sr.              

+Christian AbayomiCassell

+Charles T. O. King, II                    

+Richard AbromHenries, Sr. (Cornerstone of New Masonic Temple at West Benson Street laid during his Grand Mastership)

+Frank E. Tolbert, Sr.    (New Masonic Temple erected at West Benson Street during his Grand Mastership)

+William R. Tolbert, Jr.                   

+McKinley A. Deshield, Sr.             

+E. Jonathan Goodridge                  

+James E. Greene                           

+S. Alfred P. Harris, Sr.                    

+E. Reginald Townsend                    

  Philip J. L. Brumskine 33°

  George E. Henries 33°

  James E. Pierre 33°




     Free Masonry was banned in Liberia following the 1980 military coup d’etat which took the lives of Most Worshipful Brothers Richard Abrom Henries, Sr.,  Frank E. Tolbert, Sr., William R. Tolbert, Jr., and E. Reginald Townsend.

    It was not until September 24 – 27 1988, that the Grand Lodge A.F & A.M. formally resumed its practice in Liberia with the holding of its Eighth Grand Convocation in Monrovia, Montserrado County

Most Worshipful Brother James E. Pierre, 32º
Grand Master - Republic of Liberia
Right Worshipful Brother Anthony W. Deline, II, 32º
Deputy Grand Master - Republic of Liberia
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